Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Gloucester

By: Adam

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This south-facing roof of a bakery in Gloucester will benefit hugely from the solar panel installation

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Gloucester

This is pretty much an ideal situation for a large solar panel installation, especially when you consider the amount of electricity a bakery consumes.

We installed 93 x 460W solar panels giving a total array of 42.78kWp. Alongside the array we installed two Solis 3-phase inverters at 25kW and 20kW.

We're expecting a really good yield from this installation - it's in a great position with very little to obstruct sunlight.

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What Does kWp mean?

The output of an array of photovoltaic solar panels is defined using kWp - this is the 'peak' or maximum output, in kilowatts, a PV system is capable of producing. Even though it's a theoretical value (according to environment) kWp is used to compare modules or PV systems. It's a useful figure when deciding how many solar panels to install or how viable an installation is.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Gloucester