Commercial Solar Panel Installation

We offer a range of solar panel solutions, with 99.9% efficiency, to suit all types of commercial premises with inverters ranging from 20kw to 150kw

UK Solar Panel Installation

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Businesses, apartment blocks and workplaces can enjoy great savings on their electricity bills whether single-phase or three-phase.

Our technicians will give you an accurate picture of how much power can be generated, stored and used according to the area available for installation of photovoltaic solar panels. We'll also give you a choice of battery storage options based on these calculations.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Within each solar panel are multitudes of what are called 'photovoltaic cells' (PV).

These cells convert sunlight into energy (i.e. electricity). This energy is stored in batteries and then released via what's known as an inverter (converts DC to AC) so that it can be used to power your business premises or charge electric vehicles.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

UK Commercial Solar Panel Installation Experts

Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team...

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How Much Money can Solar Panels Save your Business?

With the price of energy being so volatile, we hesitate to give exact figures on our website but we use sophisticated tools to estimate your energy bill saving at any given time, when we carry out a survey of your home. Bearing in mind the rising cost of energy, the outlook can only get better for solar power, especially when combined with battery storage. Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team on: 0115 783 6409 to arrange a survey or use our contact form...

What are the Optimum Number of Solar Panels?

Our experience, supported by sophisticated reports drawn from our solar power simulator will optimise the number of panels for your particular circumstances i.e. roof size, location and other environmental factors, as well as the type of business or premises. Contact our expert team to arrange an estimate: 0115 783 6409.

Keeping Track of System Efficiency

With the inclusion of battery storage alongside your PV solar panels, our energy manager device will give real time reporting of power consumption as well as yield from your solar panels. This will help you to make adjustments to the way you use electricity.

JA Solar 390w-460w Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Solar Panels

Our go-to choice for most solar panel installations, the half-cell configuration of the modules offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance, reduced shading effect on the energy generation, lower risk of hot spot, as well as enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading

Offering the flexibility for both commercial and domestic clients, from the smallest to the largest installation, JA Solar arrays are reliable, productive and on our opinion outperform their rivals.

Founded in 2005, JA Solar is a manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products. With 12 manufacturing bases and more than 20 branches around the world, the company’s business covers silicon wafers, cells, modules and photovoltaic power stations. JA Solar products are available in 135 countries and regions and are used extensively in ground-mounted power plants, commercial & industrial rooftop PV systems and residential rooftop PV systems. With its advantages of continuous technological innovation, sound financial performance, and well-established global sales and service networks, JA Solar has been well received and highly recognized by clients from home and abroad. The company has been listed on Fortune China 500 and Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises for several consecutive years.

Cell Mono
No. of cells 108(6×18)
Rated Maximum Power(Pmax) 390W - 460W
Maximum Efficiency 21.5%
Junction Box IP68,3 diodes
Maximum System Voltage 1000V/1500V DC
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Connectors MC4 EVO2/ QC4.10-35
JA Solar 390w-460w Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Solar Panels

Solis 50KW Inverter

S5-GC50K three phase series string inverter are suitable for the installation of three-phase input pv system of commercial and industrial PV plants. Adopt 5/6 MPPT design to provide a more flexible configuration scheme and higher generation efficiency. Perfect commercial site monitoring solution, intelligent redundancy fan

An inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a solar energy system and we believe the Solis-S5-GC50K is the perfect companion to our commercial solar panel installations.

  • Max. efficiency 98.7%
  • Night SVG function 
  • IP66 
  • Intelligent redundant fan-cooling 
  • DC side supports "Y" connectors 
  • 10/12 string inputs allow for 150%+ DC oversizing 
  • Intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scan  
  • 5/6 MPPT design, supports multiple orientation system design 
  • Night time PID recovery function, increases overall system yield (optional)
Solis 50KW Inverter

GivEnergy Batteries

The 2.6kWh battery pack sits alongside the GivEnergy AC Coupled or Hybrid Inverter so that you can store energy from the grid or excess generation.

Utilising lithium iron phosphate, GivEnergy batteries are extremely safe and can be installed in a wide range of locations. Due to its lightweight, it is ideal for installation in lofts and hard to access areas and can be banked together to increase capacity

Remote Firmware

Control and monitor your Smart System on the move via our GivEnergy Monitoring App and Portal.

IP65 Rating

The IP65 rated enclosure gives protection against water and dust. Ideal for lofts and outdoor installation.

10 Year Warranty

Supplied with a full manufacturers warranty, the GivEnergy dedicated UK support team are on hand to help you should any issues arise.

Retrofit Compatible

Fit your new battery onto an existing system and start enjoying the benefits of the GivEnergy Smart System.

GivEnergy Batteries