Domestic Solar Installation in Swindon

By: Adam

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After the client asked us to carry out a feasibility survey we were appointed to undertake this domestic solar panel installation

Domestic Solar Installation in Swindon

It's a relatively small installation but nonetheless it should help bring the electricity bills down. 8 x 405W panels giving a total array of 3.24kw.

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Are smaller solar panel installations worth it?

Although this is a small installation  i.e. only a few solar panels, we have scope to install more in the future and the house is in a good position (no obstructions to shade the panels), so the owners will still see savings on their electricity bills. We use very high quality state-of-the-art solar panels such as JA Solar 390w-460w Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Solar Panels which are matched to the needs of the occupants and the position of the property. These panels are 405W so more powerful than the average of around 350W for most 'mainstream' solar panel installations.

Domestic Solar Installation in Swindon