In-roof Solar Panel Installation in Nottingham

By: Adam

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New-build properties are ideal for in-roof solar panels - they give a great finish and are less obtrusive.

In-roof Solar Panel Installation in Nottingham

Working on 4 new-build properties in Nottingham, we installed 405W Viridian all-black integrated solar panels. Not only do they look great they will save the occupiers money.

Viridian All Black In-Roof Solar Panels

This UK-based manufacturer of integrated solar panels set out to build innovative solar panel systems in partnership with the building industry. 

Viridian is now the leading integrated solar PV system in the UK. There are three main factors that make this product stand out: the panels look great, they are straightforward to install and they are highly durable. Highly skilled designers and engineers at Viridian identified these factors as being the most important concerns for a competitive market.

We thoroughly recommend this in-roof PV system.

In-roof Solar Panel Installation in Nottingham