Large Domestic Solar Panel Installation

By: Adam

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This solar panel installation in Ipswich makes great use of a garage and outbuilding

Large Domestic Solar Panel Installation

The homeowner will soon be reaping the rewards of this solar panel installation in Suffolk. Really fantastic use of space on the roofs of these outbuildings makes for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The installation is made up of 14x 405W solar panels 5.67kWp array installed to a garage roof. All run through a 6kW hybrid inverter with 8.64kWh of storage.

What does kWp mean? This is 'kilowatt peak' which simply means, that when working at its maximum capacity in optimum conditions for one hour, the system (configured as above) is capable of producing 5.67kW of electrical power.

Fox Hybrid Inverters

Experts in the production of high quality inverters, Fox employ state-of-the-art production techniques and are at the forefront of solar inverter technology. This was our first solar inverter choice for this particular install as not only is it great quality equipment but the balance between the number of solar panels and potential output, fitted nicely with the Fox 6kW inverter especially when paired with their modular, stackable, high performance batteries.

The whole system is controlled and monitored by an app for ease of management.

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Large Domestic Solar Panel Installation