Solar Panel Installation in Darlington

By: Adam

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Making use of a large roof on outbuildings for this install in Darlington

Solar Panel Installation in Darlington

We installed 10 x 405W solar panels on this outbuilding in the North of England. Currently there's no battery storage but this can easily be added at a later date.

Is Installing Solar Panels in the North of England a Good Idea?

There are many factors that will affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Ideally we'd always position solar panels at 30º - 40º on a South-facing roof but it's surprising how efficient solar panels remain even if this angle can't always be achieved. A solar panel array at the perfect pitch can be almost as efficient when West-facing, as a South-facing array with a pitch outside the perfect range. Splitting the array between West and East (i.e. two sets of panels) can be a good option.

This brings us on to the question of North v South in terms of actual sunlight: You might be surprised to learn that over the course of a year, the South only enjoys an extra 20 minutes of sunlight per day. Whilst the uptake of solar energy maybe more prevalent in the South of the country, figures show that well-positioned solar panels can be just as effective in the North of England.

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Solar Panel Installation in Darlington