Solar Panel Installation in Nottingham

By: Adam

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Solar panels installed at this new build in Nottingham

Solar Panel Installation in Nottingham

This large family home will benefit from an 'in-roof' solar panel array, bringing down energy costs and looking really sleek.

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What is an 'in-roof' Solar Panel Installation?

The GSE in-roof (or integrated) system is a state-of-the-art framework that allows for mounting of solar panels where roof tiles would normally sit. It doesn't require a special kind of solar panel and it's highly flexible - allowing for fitting on virtually any kind of sloping roof.

We've installed this system many times for both new builds and where old tiles would otherwise have been replaced. Integrated solar panels can cover a whole roof or just a part, as required.

We believe the GSE integrated solar panel system is the most economical, and most widely used system out there when it comes to integrated solar panels, and for this particular installation it proved to be the ideal solution.


Solar Panel Installation in Nottingham