Solar Panel Installation in Tewkesbury

By: Adam

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Making good use of a garage roof for this solar panel installation in Tewkesbury

Solar Panel Installation in Tewkesbury

With 12 x 420W Jinko solar panels installed in this garage roof we think this is a neat and tidy solution that should reward the home owners with good savings on their electricity bills. There's the option to expand the installation if required but this is a convenient starting point, giving 504kWp array with 8.6kWh battery storage for use as and when.

There's room to expand both the solar panels and battery storage so hopefully we'll be back soon to do just that.

Looking for a solar panel installer in Tewkesbury? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team... we're based in Nottingham and conveniently positioned to carry out solar panel installations throughout the uk. 

What Does kWp mean?

The output of an array of photovoltaic solar panels is defined using kWp - this is the 'peak' or maximum output, in kilowatts, a PV system is capable of producing. Even though it's a theoretical value (according to environment) kWp is used to compare modules or PV systems. It's a useful figure when deciding how many solar panels to install or how viable an installation is. 

Solar Panel Installation in Tewkesbury