Solar Panels for New-Builds in Sunderland

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Installation of highly efficient solar panels at the site of four new homes in Sunderland

Solar Panels for New-Builds in Sunderland

With an installation 6 x 405W JA Solar panels split over the front and rear roof elevations this system will save the new occupiers a good amount on their  energy bills.

This being a new-build it made sense to use in-roof (integrated) solar panels which site flush with the tiling. This will also satisfy SAP energy performance regulations. 

UK Solar Panel Installation

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What Are SAP Calculations?

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is a process for calculating the energy performance of dwellings and is a government requirement. These calculations contribute towards the over-all Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for residential properties. New-build and extensions are subject to being assessed as part of a drive to conserve fuel and power.

GSE in-roof system - Range 2022

In 2022, the GSE in-roof system evolved to keep up with the requirements of the market and to address new expectations of more power per roof. The new GSE in-roof system, with its two half frames, allows the integration of larger, wider and more powerful solar panels.